Live At Hot Rod Reunion

Live At Hot Rod Reunion

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If 5 of the 50 NSS Racers going to the Hot Rod Reunion were to help with updating the “Live At” Discussion for the rest of us, it would help emensly with growing the class. With last year’s rule changes, there are thousands of cars out there who are now legal for NSS, but don’t yet know it yet. Many have no clue how much they’re currently missing.

A “Live At” discussion not only gives everyone racing at the event the information they need with pitting, schedules, qualifying, eliminations play by play…. but a certain percentage of those reading it will decide they need to race at it in the future.

Here’s the link to that discussion. If you are going to be racing there, or are interested in what’s happening there, add a tab to your start up pages until the event is over. It will make it super easy to help keep us updated.

Thanks to those who will spend the few minutes during the event to post