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The NSS Racing Hall of Fame

A group of persons judged outstanding in a sport or profession.

NSSRacing.com is pleased to announce the formation of the NSS Racing Hall-of-Fame. This is where NSS Racers nominate retired and deceased individuals who have made a huge impact on the drag racing Class of Nostalgia Super Stock. Some of the criteria the Judges may use include:

  • Their administration and/or promotion of the class
  • The length of time that they were active in the Class
  • Their number of major wins and championships
  • Their Willingness to help other racers
  • Their charitable nature on and off the track
  • Their personal demeaner to friends and strangers
  • Some other outstanding and/or unique characteristic

A few of the initial Rules:

  • To be nominated, the candidate must have retired (and at least 60 years old) from actively drag racing for a minimum of three years; or is deceased.
  • The organization that the candidate raced in will not give preference nor exclude any racer. The positive impact the Racer made on the Class as a whole (regardless of organization) is the most important consideration.
  • Only one inductee per year will give the inductees the exclusivity they deserve
  • For the inaugural year of 2022, the Administrator (Dave Schultz) has selected the first entry in the HOF, to get things rolling. It was a very easy choice, and I’d be shocked if there wasn’t at least 80% agreement on that person.
  • For the year of 2023, it will be a three-stage process:
    • Nominations. There will be a discussion thread where confirmed NSS Racers simply nominate someone in a post, along with their convincing reason why their nomination should be in the HOF. There will be a process to confirm a Racer’s Status as Confirmed and have that reflected in their NSSRacing.com member’s status. Nominations shall begin the week following the Dave Duell Classic (unless later changed by committee) and be open to public discussion on the nomination discussion until June 1st. This where others can offer their reflections of the nominees as a reply to the nomination.
    • Preliminary Election begins June 1st. All legitimate (IE: they meet the criteria) nominees will be listed in a poll, which will end on June 30th. Only Confirmed NSS Racers (current or currently inactive) will be allowed to vote, and with only one vote per confirmed racer. This will be by Secret Ballot, with only the totals provided to the NSSRacing.com Administrator, and specifically not who voted for who. However, to ensure integrity, Doug Duell, Tom Hoffman and Ryan Goodin will have the opportunity to request proof of the ranking of nominees and the number of votes they had received. The purpose being for them to verify that the Finalists were correct. They’ll be asked to hold the exact rankings as confidential. I think we can all agree that those three to be men of honor and will represent a wide range of groups and organizations of NSS Racers. The top three vote getters will move to the Finals.
    • The Finals: In the month of July, confirmed Racers will again vote once for their choice of that year’s inductees. The same three men of integrity will have the opportunity to verify the proof.
    • The 2023 Inductee will be announced in August, and the Chrystal Trophy ordered. Assuming it is OK With Doug Duell, both the 2022 and 2023 Awards will be bought to the 2023 Dave Duell Classic, where they will be presented to the Inductees or their Representative if Present. The Inductee can choose who they wish to present the Award to them. If the Inductee or their Representative is not present, the Chrystal Trophy and a Declaration Certificate will be sent to them, or their closest heir – in the case of deceased.

By Committee Beginning in 2024

In August 2023, there will be a formation of the Hall of Fame Commitee.

  • The Committee will consist of four elected members plus the NSSRacing.com Administrator.
  • They will have the ability to modify the rules by proposing a change and voting on it.
  • They will select four HOF Induction nominees from who they consider made the biggest impact on Nostalgia Super Stock.
  • Each Elected HOF Committee Member will serve a staggered 4-year term
    • The initial election(first time only) will be for four members.
      • The top vote getter will serve four years
      • 2nd place will serve three years
      • 3rd place will serve two years
      • and 4th place will serve one year
    • Only one term per person to serve on the committee, with the exception of the initial 3rd and 4th place are eligible for election again, due to how short their initial term was.
    • Each August an election for the retiring member will be held to replace them
    • Should a member not serve out their term, the remaining members will agree on an appointment to serve out the term for the exiting member.
    • To be considered, one just has to ask to be put on the ballot, and every confirmed racer is asked to run to serve somewhere along the line.

The Inductee Selection Process

The four nominees will go through an election process where all forum members have a vote.

Each Committee member shall have a vote for one of the nominees, and the winner of the HOF Induction poll gets two votes, for a total of seven votes distributed between the Inductee nominees. The nominee with most votes will be the inductee.

Dave Duell is the Inaugural Inductee of the NSSRacing.com Hall of Fame

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October 5, 2022

Nominations has begun for the 2023 NSSRacing.com’s Hall of Fame Induction.