Why NSS Racing.com?

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First a Little History

I first registered the domain name NSSRacing.com in September of 2006 and created a Vbulletin Forum for NSS Racers to discuss various Nostalgia Super Stock related topics. For about a year prior to that, I administered a forum on one of those sleazy free forums. After realizing that the free forums make their money selling your information, I registered the domain and created the site.

It was a pretty hot forum for a couple of years, then came Facebook. I created the NSS Racing Forums on Facebook, and NSS Racers started to use that more than the forums. A few years later I closed the Vbulletin forum.

So What Changed?

Quite a few things changed.

  • I found out that not everyone joined Facebook, and those who didn’t were left without a good place to see what was happening in the class.
  • I found that I underestimated the lack of activity on the Vbulletin Forum. It turns out that the Stalkers far outnumbered the Posters. When I closed the site, quite a few people asked why? Frankly, even the stalkers would have soon disappeared if everyone wanted to read a post, but didn’t want to contribute their post to the discussion.
  • Some have left Facebook after the went from being a social media site and became the cheer leader for a political party.
  • There is absolutely no organization to the posts in the group. If you want to find an older post that had some important information or photo – good luck.
  • Many of the smarter NSS Racers refuse to use the messenger feature of Facebook, after they were caught scanning member’s private (so they thought) messages and forwarding those from members simply having a different political opinion to the FBI.
  • Vbulletin has far more features than Facebook Groups. Take a few minutes to look at the way information is organized to immediately go to the information that interests you, and avoid wasting your time on information you have no interest in.
  • Spammers are hard to control in a Facebook group.
  • The Facebook group NSSRacing.com was changed to Private a few years ago because the Spam was more proficient than posts on NSS Racing topics. While this cut down on the Spam dramatically, it made the forum near impossible to find and join for those not already members of the group. It can never be reverted back to Public.
  • Some Facebook members (like me) stay in constant trouble with the Community Double Standards of Facebook, and if they’re even allowed to post in the groups at all – they have a low Social Score, so their post will seldom show up in the newsfeeds of the Group Members
  • Every word you type in Facebook is used to find a way to monetize off of you. You should never assume a right to privacy with Facebook. They will sell to the highest bidder virtually all information they’re collecting on you – and they’re collecting far more than you can imagine
  • I could go on and on, but those are some of the bigger reasons why a Facebook Group is Inferior to a well-run Vbulletin site

NSSRacing.com’s Better Plan

  • NSSRacing.com will be useful.
    • There will be an Event Calendar where any and all NSS Racing Events can be seen at a glance
    • There will be a repository for technical information for all things NSS Racing.
      • Vendor Links for products and services
      • Overnight Parking for race rigs traveling to races
      • Technical Charts
      • Technical Questions and Answers that can not only provide help for the person needing it at that moment, but as a KnowledgeBase for others in the same situation later.
  • NSSRacing.com will be organized. Posts will be categorized as to not waste the time of the NSS Racers going through a hodgepodge of rants, spam and nonsense to find something that interests them.
  • NSSRacing.com will respect your Privacy with integrity
    • Your Information will never be sold, leased or given away
    • Your Private Messages are truly private, and will never be read, scanned or spied upon by anyone other than the recipients. I and any future Admin do not have the ability to read them – even if we were sleazebags.
    • We will not scan your cookies of the other sites you visit to see what sites you visit and what else interests you. It’s none of our damn business and I/we just don’t care.
    • There is no ulterior motive. I love racing, I love NSS, this is my social life, you are my friends, and I can afford to finance this in an effort to help the Class.
  • NSSRacing.com will be inclusive
    • All NSS Racers are welcome. It doesn’t make a difference what area of the Country you race in, what organization you affiliate yourself with, what club you are in, or what rule differences you race under. You all are encouraged to join and participate. If your organization doesn’t currently have a category, I will add it for you if you encourage your members to use it.
    • A few similar classes have their category.
      • Nostalgia Muscle Car is very similar and has been a stepping-stone to NSS for a few.
      • Stock/Super Stock has many NSS Racers also racing in those classes, and the cars share a lot of similarities with NSS cars. Granted that there is a plethora of forums for those classes, but we’ll try to be a little more friendly and civil.
  • NSSRacing.com will help to promote the Class
    • Visitors and Members of the forum will learn more about the Class, and the rules. Hopefully those with cars that can easily become NSS legal will be encouraged to do so.
    • The posts are search engine optimized to attract those Racers with similar interests to posts on the site.
    • There is a plan in the works, soon to be announced, for a NSS Racers HOF. Stay tuned.
    • The site will do its best to generate Sponsor interest in the class, for bigger purses, product sponsorships and more swag.
    • This site will do it’s best to cultivate even more interest in the Dave Duell Classic with Racers, sponsors, and more donations to Dave’s favorite charity – Santa Clothes Club.
    • Arrangements are being made for NSSRacing.com to live in perpetuity.

I’ve given this a lot of thought and spent a good bit of time to try and do this right. I ask you to please help me to get the ball rolling. I need some leaders to help by actively participating, so we can get the followers to jump after seeing leaders first participating.

This isn’t Rocket Science, and takes very little effort on your part.

First: go to the Forum and register. Registration is simple and only takes a minute. Add a username (your real one works best – but your car name also works to let others know who you are), password and email address. There’s no ulterior motive to make you register – other than to avoid Spammers and Trolls.

Second: (AND THIS IS IMPORTANT) You will be immediately sent an email with a confirmation link. Chances are better than not that you will find this email in your Spam box as your email service will sense it was automated generated. Click the link to complete registration. Not clicking the link in this email is the number one reason why most can’t figure out why they can’t post.

Third: Put the forum page as one of your Browser’s Start Up Tabs. I’m sure you know how to do that, but if not – ask and I’ll help. By having it as one of your Start Up Tabs keeps it a tab click away from visiting.

Finally: Participate in the conversations, help those you can, add any missing NSS Race Events, share any useful information you have, and inform/encourage your NSS Racer friends to also participate.