Live From Rockingham

Live From Rockingham

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Restoring an old tradition, I’ve created a “Live from Rockingham” discussion thread in the forums. I first returned to this old Tradition with the “Live at Orlando” event a couple weeks ago. In time, I’m expecting others just lurking will participate by adding their posts to these discussions.

I usually create a “Live At…” discussion a couple weeks before the event, so that members can post their questions and comments regarding the upcoming event. During the event you’ll see updates, photos, qualifying reports, schedules, Trials and Tribulations, ladders and round per round updates. All are welcome to add their photos, comments, questions and other updates – to help create a good record of the event for those following the class – and potential future Racers.

As I said, I create this for the events I’ll be racing at. I suggest others racing in events I won’t be racing at to start their own “Live at…” discussion. Victory, True NSS, NSS Bash, TDRA, HRR, Badger and other groups will see increased participation once they show the good times had at their events.

Just a suggestion.