1968-1971 Dodge Charger, Coronet & Super Bees are Now Legal NSS Bodies at NMCA

1968-1971 Dodge Charger, Coronet & Super Bees are Now Legal NSS Bodies at NMCA

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Until this year, the cut off year to run a Mopar Big Block B-Body in Nostalgia Super Stock was 1967. Roughly 40 years after the creation of the NSS class of Drag Racing, NMCA has now been expanded the acceptable cars to include the 1968 through 1971 Mopar B-Bodies.

Naturally, all other rules for the class will apply. A quick summary of those rules being:

  • The car must have a Mopar Big Block engine type available for the car that year. That pretty much means 383 Low Deck, 426 Hemi or 440 Wedge. Cubic inch displacement is not a tech item – so if want to bore and stroke to 633ci – go for it.
  • The steering geometry cannot be changed. For instance, you cannot graft on a Rack & Pinion front end.
  • Slicks are limited to 10.5Ws. 31″ is the height limit for most indexes, with 33″ limit for the fastest indexes.
  • You must have a full & stock looking interior. Carpet, headliner, front seats, door panels, stock dash….
  • The car body has to appear stock. Hood and Scoop that was legal for that car in the day. You do not want to arrive with a Chevy Cowl Induction Hood or a huge Pro Stock Hood Scoop. You must have inner fender/splash panels. No wings or spoilers unless the factory sold them on the car.

These are just a few of the many rules, to give you an idea of how the class runs. The Below are the full rules for 2023.

The original intention of the class was to race 1963-1965 multiple carb big block cars as they ran in in 63-65, with a few modifications for safety and cost considerations. The cars were to look just like the cars that Ronnie Sox, Dick Leal and Dick Landy raced in the day. It was the intention for them to be stickered up and with nostalgic drag race paint schemes. Other years of cars were soon added, but then the camel got their nose under the tent and the original intent if the class got bastardized a little. This pissed off quite a few Racers, and no new cars have been added for about 25 years. Even the extension of the 68-71 Mopar B-Bodies has come with some concerns. Many are concerned that the Super Stock look won’t continue to be maintained, or equipment that was never wanted or allowed (sheet metal intakes, transbrakes, wider tires, Race Packs, Air shifters, electronics, Dominator carburetors, Lenco transmissions…) will be lobbied by those not wanting to make the cars legal for the class, but instead expecting the rules of class changed for the cars.

Everyone racing in NSS for NMCA had to make changes to their car to run the class, and money was spent by all of us. So, to sum up, if you have a 68-71 B-Body Mopar, we’d love to have you race with us. NSS us by far the best class of Drag racing. This class is the social life for the majority of those racing in it, and we get along famously. Just don’t come to the class expecting the rules to be modified to your car, instead of your car to the rules. It flat won’t happen.

If you have any questions, please join the NSSRacing.com/Forums and create a discussion in the appropriate Channel.

If you have and friend who this might interest or belong to a group with many who might be interested, please share this with them.