Live @ Martin, MI 2023

Live @ Martin, MI 2023

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The “Live At” discussion is at: LIVE AT MARTIN MI

In that discussion thread, Racers and Fans attending are encouraged to post staging Instructions for entry and pitting, photos at event, schedule changes, news, Qualifying, Eliminations Ladders, Weather updates, schedule changes, and wrap up – including any photos you have from the event.

Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the race, however, if just a handful of Leaders would be proactive with helping the rest of us by posting the above, Racers would have one place to know what’s happening, Fans would be able to follow their favorite drivers at home, and those not attending will see what they’ve been missing. The Class will grow grow with more seeing what they’re missing.

Once the Followers see that a few readers are participating, they will soon see that it’s safe to also pitch in.