April’s NSS Races

April’s NSS Races

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There are quite a few NSS Races in the month of April. The monthly calendar with the races is displayed at the bottom of the page in the forums. https://www.nssracing.com/forums/

The Rockingham event starts next week and a ”Live at Rockingham Discussion” has been created in the forums. In that discussion any pre-event updates like staging, schedules and testing can be posted. Updates, next day schedule, news, event photos, qualifying, ladders and race wrap up will be posted in this discussion. The goal is to have those at the event to keep those who didn’t make it up to date – and to promote the future events by showing people what they missed. The more context – the better. All attending the event are asked to please help with updates and photos. If you are the race master of a NSS Racing event, this is a good way to promote your event now and for the future. Create a tab in your browser with this link https://www.nssracing.com/forums/forum/class/bracket-or-other-class-aa/1224-live-from-rockingham#post1314 This web site is not only designed for computers and tablets – but to also auto-detect smart phones and reformat for ease of use on them. It is so simple to upload photos of schedule, qualifying, ladder and photos from your phone. If you need help, ask me when you see me and I’ll show you how.

Each race team is provided with a free Team Blog. Here’s mine as an example. https://www.nssracing.com/forums/moparstyle-racing Please note the unique web address for each team. Your blog can be public, hidden or by invitation only. You can give your unique address to anyone – and it will appear as your web site.

There’s tech section for NSS Racing Questions, Tips, and Articles. Please stop by now and then to see if you have the expertise to help another racer. https://www.nssracing.com/forums/forum/main-forum

There’s a Classified Ad section with quite a few good deals. I’ve personally sold quite a bit of parts using it. Look around in your shed, garage, shop, basement, attic or anywhere else you have race parts stored. Again, this site works great with Smart Phones, so you can snap a couple photos and list your ad in minutes. https://www.nssracing.com/forums/forum/classified-ads

There is a Rolodex of vendors with products and services useful to NSS Racers. If you know of a vendor who should be on it – it takes less than a minute to add them. https://www.nssracing.com/forums/forum/main-forum/product-service-rolodex

The forums receive many daily visits of 5 minutes or more (reading the posts), but still hasn’t had members willing to post. It’s like a Mexican standoff where people are thinking “I’m not going to be first but will participate once others do”. They will, but it sure would be nice for a couple leaders would roll me a bone and not wait for everyone else to post first.

The sole purpose of the site is to promote the Classes of NSS, NMC, Stock and Super Stock, to grow those classes. I have no ulterior motives. I spend my time and money – not make any money. I have no advertising or annoying popups. I’m not promoting any one group racing but provide a place where we can all congregate on an equal footing and help each other have bigger and better events.

Please create a tab for either (or both) NSSRacing.com (the mother ship) or NSSracing.com/forum so it is just one click from a visit. The site was created to be compact, and the extra tab in your browser for NSSRacing.com will not slow your computer.

I thank those who will help promote these drag racing classes, so they grow instead of fade away.

If you’re having any problems with the forum, please text me (I have a spam blocker that blocks most unknown calls so please text instead of call) at 713-899-7704 with who you are, and what the problem is – and I’ll get it fixed for you. You can email me if you wish at davetheoldhippie@gmail.com


Dave Schultz

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