Dave Schultz No Longer Admin of NSS Racing Groups on Facebook

Dave Schultz No Longer Admin of NSS Racing Groups on Facebook

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A word from Dave Schultz.

I had a phone call, a couple of texts and an email that the Facebook Groups for NSS Racing are getting Spammed, especially the NSS Racing Classified. Well, there’s really nothing I can do about that as I no longer have access to anything Facebook.

I created both of those groups over ten years ago, and Doug Duell & Brent Wheeler are now the Admins – so you should speak to either of them regarding the groups. I stopped posting to Groups some weeks back, as I have a hater who reported every post I made to the group as Spam, and I kept getting suspended without valid reason.

After I stopped posting to any Fascistbook group, each of my personal wall posts started to get reported as Spam. They were not, but the Gestapo at Facebook takes the hater reporting spam’s word and will not verify his claims.

The bottom line is that I’m gone from Facebook and will be posting my NSS Racing related posts on the NSS Racing Forums. Those using the groups on Facebook for NSS Racing need to speak with Doug or Brent regarding issues with the groups.

My social media of choice is Mewe. https://mewe.com/i/daveoldhippieschultz1