Brand New Look & Feel

Brand New Look & Feel

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To the NSSRacing Magazine.

The magazine area for NSS Racing is simply

While the old format had tons of information on the Home Page, I recognize it may have looked over complicated and confusing trying to display so much information on just one page. As such I’ve decluttered it some for simplicity.

Please, if you’re a NSS Racer or fan, please take a few moments browse around the site. I’m trying very hard to have one place to consolidate all NSS Racing information in just one area, regardless of the sanction body, group, location, make of car …

Facebook groups lack the features to organize information to quickly locate it, plus many small groups, many of which are hidden exclude. Please help grow NSS Racing by participating and letting you NSS Racing friends of the site. There is absolutely no motive other than to grow the class.

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