June 2023 Combined Racing Calendar

June 2023 Combined Racing Calendar

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This is what the current Combined Schedule looks like for June 2023 – so far. It is referred to as a COMBINED Calendar because any group racing in the NSS, NMC, S/S or Stock Categories are welcomed to add their event at: https://www.nssracing.com/forums/forum/sanction-promoter/event-calendar

It is very easy to add your event, and the furst post are detailed instructions. Please be sure to post which Classes of the Four are welcomed at the event, a web link (if there is one) and anything that will be even the slightest bit difference typically found in the Class of racing.

The viewable Calendar will be at the bottom of the page.

The benefit of having your event on the calendar is more participation. Most racing in those Classes travel a great distance for many of the events they race. Many will stay an extra week for another race that might be close by.

Check the calendar frequently for event additions