Drag Racing Has Been Slowly Dying

Drag Racing Has Been Slowly Dying

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More tracks close each year with next to none opening to take their place. I live outside America’s 3rd largest city, and yet have nowhere to go. Baytown closed. San Antonio Closed. There’s an 1/8 mile track (Xtreme) a little over 250 miles away. Tracks use to have a little something for everyone, but now it is pretty much Jr. Dragster.

They need to make it more a family event. Radio car drag races for kids. Craft Show for wives. Short instructional seminars on drag racing for teens. Adopt a crew member program where kids are matched with Racers to check air, battery chargers, fetching tools… This stuff isn’t expensive and safe interests to not freak out the insurance company can be done, with a little thought. If we don’t start pulling these kids out of their bedroom and lockup their Xbox for a few hours – they will become totally worthless and drags racing dies forever. A realistic Joe Lunchbucket race team reality show geared to young people, and which shows racing, breaking and repairing in detail – instead of people drama – would go a long way. School race clubs would develop interest too.

Something needs to be done to preserved Drag Racing as we know it, and with realisticly priced cars – now $500k no prep King cars.

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