Coming in Days – NSS Wall Calendars

Coming in Days – NSS Wall Calendars

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I’ve created a 2023 Wall Calendar from some older high-resolution photos of NSS cars I have. I tried to use Current NSS Racers only. Because some of these photos are few years old – I don’t have any of past Champ Kevin Gas or Current Champ Bruce Lang (and limited photos on Brent Wheeler) – but I’ll work on updating my collection for the future calendars. The below are the 12 cars making it into this calendar. Obviously the watermark won’t be on the actual calendars.

This calendar is a couple of days away from being sold, as it is going through a final quality check. When ready, I’ll post the link on

The Standard size calendar is 11″x8.5″ on Heavyweight 80lb Velvet Gloss Cover. It will sell for $19.99

There will also be two larger versions for slightly more. These calendars are printed on-demand (no Stocking) and mailed for a reasonable shipping within 48 hours. My understanding is that multiple items are combined to reduce shipping per item.

Finally, for those with decent ink jet printers – there will be a full-size PDF version available for $12.99. The plus is no shipping and print as many as you want – the drawback is the quality is only as good as your printer and paper.

Stay tuned for more information.