NSS in NMCA Now More Inclusive

NSS in NMCA Now More Inclusive

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Dave Schultz

First, A Little History

In the early years of Nostalgia Super Stock (about 40 years ago), it was geared for early 60s midsize American cars with Big Blocks and multiple carburetors. The cut off year was 1967. Twenty years later, Big Block Barracudas and Darts 68-70 were included. A few years later, Big Block AMX’s found their way in. A few years ago, there was some easing up on carbs and intakes.

The problem is that the average age of NSS Racers is deep into the 60s, and attrition from old age is underway. Most of the NSS Drivers from 20 years ago are gone, and those remaining are racing on borrowed time. The 63-65 Mopars are the most popular car with NSS drivers, and those cars aren’t really attractive to the 40 up crowd, so we’re not bringing in enough Racers to replace the numbers we’re losing. The reason I say 40 up, is that racing the NMCA’s points series require some financial independence as each of the 6 races are week-long experiences – if you include the travel time. You have to be retired, independently wealthy or own your own business, which is healthy enough to do without you during the races.

The Future

There were a couple of ways NMCA could have increased drivers. What was most discussed was to let in big block Compacts like the Nova and Pony cars like Big Block Camaros, Mustangs, Cudas and Challengers. Granted that there are a lot of Racers with those cars, but while this is stereotyping – most are younger and most likely lack the funds to run the entire circuit. Additionally, they’re the ones who will be arguing the hardest for rule changes like digital/programmable ignitions, transbrakes, Dominators, 14″ slicks, data collection….

Frankly, the current crop of NSS Racers is more laid back and friendly to each other, traditional on rules, and have a different group personality than your average bracket racer.

I felt the better way was to extend the years of the current models accepted from 67 to 71. There’s not a world of difference between a 67 Impala and a 69 Impala, a 67 Coronet and a 69 Coronet, a 67 Ford and a 69 Ford. Sure, the bodies took a little more fuselage /Coke Bottle shape in 68 for GM, 70 for Ford and 71 for Mopar – but the Chassis and drivetrain was virtually unchanged. Additionally, the Demographics for those cars are a little closer to the current NSS Racers. I suggested to the NMCA that a year extension for current cars would be better than Compacts and Pony Cars, and they appear to have agreed. Frankly, I would have wished that there was enough replenishment or the current older cars – but it wasn’t happening. I really believe this is the best compromise for the survival of the class. I feel the small blocks, compacts and Pony Cars would totally kill the class as we know it now.

Cars Now Accepted in NMCA NSS


  • 68-71 Chargers
  • 68-71 Sattelites, Bevederes, GTXs, Roadrunners and 70 Superbirds
  • 68-71 Coronets, Super Bees and 69 Daytonas

Ford & Mercury

  • 68-71 Fairlaines, Torinos and 70-71 Falcons
  • 68-71 Montegos, and Cyclones


  • 68-71 Skylarks and GS/GSX
  • 68-71 Cutlass and 442
  • 68-71 Tempest/LeMans/GTO
  • 68-71 Grand Prix
  • 68-71 Chevelle/Malibu/Super Sports
  • 70-71 Monte Carlo


  • 67-71 Offered with a Factory Big Block (Marlin, Matador, AMX, The Machine)

All of these cars are required to have the type of big block available for that model, in that year. There are many other rules like full interior, stock type suspension, factory appearing sheet metal and more. The rules. Naturally, all of NHRA’s safety rules need to be observed


A few in leadership positions felt that opening it up to include compacts and Pony Cars was the better way to go, and my suggestion wouldn’t get that many more cars. Now it’s on me to get the word out to those with now eligible cars, to encourage them to look into NSS.

We are by far the tightest group of Racers in the NMCA. If there are two Racers who don’t like each other in NSS – I don’t know about it. For the 20 years I’ve been racing in the class, all of these Racers have become my best friends and my social life. I look forward to each and every race. Consider racing with us.

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