Sneak Peek at the Forums

Sneak Peek at the Forums

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At lot of work has been done over the last couple of weeks to bring back the Magazine and Forums. While there are still many features to be added over the next couple of weeks, the forum is now fully functional.

You may ask yourself, “Why do we need a forum? Wasn’t the Facebook Group created to replace a forum 10 years ago?” It was, but things don’t always go as planned. If you have a quick 5 minutes, read WHY NSS RACING.COM?. It is a short read on the reason is back.

You might tell yourself, “I don’t have the time to be visiting another site“. Well, I think you will feel differently if you simply add the Forum to your Browser’s Start-Up pages. It will then be just one tab click away. The forums are organized very well by categories, so you can immediately find what interests you and avoid what does not.

You may tell yourself “My group of racers already have a forum!” Well, that’s nice, but do you really want to limit yourself to just your group of NSS Racers? Comon Man – the beauty of NSS Racers is that with few exceptions, we all are friends – despite who we mostly align with. NSS Racing is a “Big Tent” where we all get along, and is a place that is not affiliated with anyone group – but all groups of NSS Racers.

You will notice that each page/post has a monthly calendar. In that, I’ve already added the NMCA event dates – so check those months. If Victory adds theirs; and TDRA, True, NSS Bash, Wisconsin and all other groups add theirs – all can expect more Racers. Some of us long distance Racers like to make the trip worthwhile by hitting two or three events. Last month maybe a dozen Racers went to Moparty in Bowling Green and mosied out Monday to a campground, played golf Tuesday and Wednesday and then headed to going to the Dave Duell Classic in Indianapolis. I’ve gone to a Race in Wisconsin, then to a NSS Bash in Columbus, then. to a race in Kentucky before a NMCA race at Norwalk. Racers make their plans months in advance. If they can simply glance at a Monthly Calendar and see two, three or four races in a row – they might make a vacation out of it.

I ask all of my NSS Friends to do me a favor and give this a try.

  • Go to the Forums.
  • Spend five minutes scoping it out
  • Register to post. It’s easy and takes 2 minutes tops. You will immediately be emailed a confirmation email (to deter Spammers) with a link to verify that you’re legit. Chances are high this email will be found in your spam box.
  • Add the site to tabs in your browser’s startup, so it’s one click away from frequently checking.
  • Participate. If you have parts to sell, list them. If you have event photos to add, add them. If you have a question to ask, ask it. If you know of an unposted calendar event, add it. If you can answer a question asked, answer it. Don’t just be a stalker, get involved

There are some really big plans for very near future, but I’m not ready to announce them yet.

PS -the site was designed to sense if you are on a computer, tablet or cell phone – and adjust without side-to-side scrolling.