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Femco Oil Drain Plug For Onan Generators

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  • Femco Oil Drain Plug For Onan Generators

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    The Motorhome forums have been raving about this for years. Koehler Motor oil pans have been known for lack of drain plug thread durability from the oil pan. Also, the drain is often over some of the mounting/bracing, eliminating a clean shot to the drain pan.

    You screw this in place of the drain plug the next time you change the oil in your Genset. The time after, to drain the oil you just hand screw on the 10" hose fitting. That opens the drain valve. Unscrewing the hose back off closes the valve.

    You and I aren't the first to question the sanity of adding another opportunity of failure. However, people swear they've had them on for years, it makes it easier and cleaner to change the oil, and no one is squawking about a leak story.

    This is a screen shot of the proper size for the Onan 10Kw and 12.5Kw gensets.

    I change my genset's oil every 3rd trip out, which is about 175-225 hours for me. Onan suggests every 250 hours for oil and 500 hours for air and fuel filters.

    I use Rotella T5 Synthetic blend 20-40.

    Kurt Neighbors tells me he uses the oil drained out of his race cars in the generators but changes the oil closer to 100 hours.

    Experts say that the two best things (after recommended service) to extend the life of your genset are:

    1. to always run the generator 2 hours EVERY month with a half load (your AC units on - which they too need to run monthly)
    2. turn your ac units off for two minutes before turning off the genset, to allow it to cool some.

    My coach is a 2020 with 2997 hours on the meter today.
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