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What we have here is a failure to communicate!

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  • What we have here is a failure to communicate!

    The NSS Racing season is now in full swing.

    If you haven't checked out and especially it's Forum in the last week or two, you might want to stop in for a little visit. Some of the newer Forum topics include:

    "Live at St. Louis". Racers participating at various NSS events can keep Family, Friends, Fans and even other racers by giving them one place to go for staging for pit entry, Qualifying, Photos, schedule, the Ladder, play by play eliminations and a recap. It not only keeps people updated, it will also encourage more participants to your races. I encourage racers to participate and to tell other racers of this site. Check out the Live at St. Louis to see an example.

    There's an entire Classified Ads Section, to buy and sell parts, cars, services, or get your needs filled.

    There's a very complete Event Schedule, with a monthly calendar displayed at the bottom of each page. It is a one-minute job to add an event not currently in the calendar.

    There are quite a few photo collections like the cars at the very first Dave Duell Classic in 2006 - and the Class Winners. Also, quite a few other Blast from the past photos.

    There's a Rolodex of vendors with parts and services needed for NSS Racing.

    There are tech discussions with questions needing answers, or useful tips.

    and so much more

    The site currently receives 100s of daily visits, but as of yet it looks like more are just reading posts - but not replying. I'm hoping this isn't a Mexican Standoff where everyone is waiting for someone else to actively post before they will. If we could get a couple of racers to be leaders by participating - the followers will soon jump in. This site can be the "go to" place for all NSS organizations to get together to share ideas, solicit more racers for their events, swap lies, and buy/sell parts and cars important to NSS Racing. Please give me a hand getting this site into high gear with you participation. Please add to your browser's start up pages.

    I have no motive other than to help grow the class. All of the bills are paid by me, there is no advertising, your information is never given/sold/leased to anyone to spam you. I ask for no donations to maintain the site.

    I'm making arrangements to bring in other Administrators to carry on when I no longer can, and for the hosting to be funded in perpetuity. Help me help to grow the class with young blood to replace the attrition of us old guys having to leave the sport.

    If you read this far, thank you.

    Dave Schultz

    PS: if you are having any problems navigating the site, email me at (preferred) or text me at 713-899-7704 with your problem. Please text over calling as I've had my phone number since 1991 and it gets dozens of Spam and telemarketer calls a day - thus I never answer a phone number not in my contacts.​
    Please register to post, add this forum to your Browser's start tabs &actively participate!