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Motorhome Satellite - When your Winegard Trav'lr Dish can't lock in on a Sattelite

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  • Motorhome Satellite - When your Winegard Trav'lr Dish can't lock in on a Sattelite

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    To make a long story short, the Winegard satellite TV dish on the top of my (and most other) motorhome started to take 20 minutes to lock on the satellites and only two of three. That was giving us only a few SD TV channels and no HD. The signal strength was weak. On cloudy days not even those channels. Winegard had us do all of the things everyone does before calling, like unplug and wait 5 minutes...

    The tech was stumped and said to buy a new reflector dish and see if that works. I did, and amazingly it worked. It took 6 minutes to find the satellite and all channels came back - until morning.

    It was windy during the night and in the morning no channels. The Dish would just hunt for a satellite and never find one. Tech support was stumped. For kicks, we replaced the coax cables inside - no help. On the roof, there's a skinny sheathed coax cable that runs from the base up the arm under some covers and connects to the Feed horn. Replaced it with a 6' cable in my basket of cables, and viola TV is back for three days now.

    I've ordered the proper cable and will replace it when it shows.

    I mention this as many hours and dollars were spent for a $35 (skinny and sheathed for outdoors) cable.​ It wasn't even a suggestion. My coach is 40 months old with a good bit of miles, and occupied half of those three years. My Dish has been raised and stowed hundreds of times, VS. tens of times for the average motorhome user. Each time the Dish goes up or down the cable articulates with it and can loosen a connection or break where bent back and forth.
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